Living with Diabetes: Why Changing Your Lifestyle and Eating Habits Can Have the Most Benefits

Why has this become such a thriving industry?

Nutritional supplements are in every home. There are miles of floor spaces devoted to nutritional supplements in retail stores. Health food stores are popping up in neighborhoods across the globe everyday. New multi level marketing companies form every year. Nutritional supplements, vitamins, diet products, energy supplements and alternative medicines have become a multi billion dollar industry.

Why has this become such a thriving industry?

Take a look at the people around you and what do you see? We are a society of people on the run and lack of time to keep ourselves healthy. Go to any elementary school and see how many students are over weight.

The average person gets up in the morning and rushes to eat something quick before they run out the door to start there busy day. Then a quick lunch from a fast food stop close to work or a microwave lunch in the company break room. The end the day is a large meal, before retiring in front of the television for the evening. Not counting the several soda pops or energy drinks, accompanied with some sort of candy.

After several years of this type of behavior we are all in search of the magic potion that can reverse the years of abuse. Over weight, out of shape, run down and looking for the youth we once had. We look to the shelves in the store for something to transform us and cure us from the elements that plague us.

Many times it is too late to reverse the effects of a poor diet and lack of exercise. But it is never too late to try and you may even thank yourself for making it happen.

Diabetes and heart disease can be the result of poor diet, over weight and lack of exercise. Dropping the weight, controlling your diabetes and adding exercise can reduce the later complications of diabetes a whopping 56%. Diabetes can not be cured but it can be controlled and the benefits are well worth it.

There are many nutritional supplements that say they can reverse the effects of diabetes. Many people look for the easy path to deal with this disease. Taking a few medications and a hand full of supplements is much easier than changing their life style. The multi billion dollar industry then thrives.

Nutritional supplements are a well needed product in out lives. They can help almost every person in some way. Getting the right balance of nutrients is very important. Many of the process foods we eat lack the proper nutrients that were once in them. There are thousands of different products on the market that can help but it is finding the proper balance of vitamins and minerals. Each of us may need different nutrients based on the foods we eat.

It is easy to get over whelmed with the information that is available on nutritional products that are available today. The American Diabetes Associates or a diabetic nutritionist is the best place to start if you are dealing with diabetes.

If you have diabetes and want to create this healthier life style don't forget the ultimate combination.

1. Get to your proper weight

2. Eat a proper diet that is suited for people with diabetes

3. Exercise every day

4. Get the proper nutrients that your body needs.

I am the person I described in the beginning of this article. My life style was very poor and now I have diabetes to help me live a better and healthier life style. My endocrinologist told me on my first visit that, if I followed this plan I would be healthier and fell better than I ever had. One year later I will agree. I have a disease to deal with the rest of my life but it is controllable with the proper combination.

I am a firm believer in nutritional supplements. A combination of supplements has made a big difference in managing my diabetes. To read more about my success and my experiment with supplements go to my Diabetic Help Blog.

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